Gallery of Works

Have a scroll through our custom works. These have all been made to order from specific clients or have been created to enter into Art competitions around the country.
Get in touch with us today if you're interested in a sculpture or specific piece. 
This steel topiary is made from 6 extra-large rose heads with an abundance of leaves to create the final form. Perfect for the entranceway to your home, grab them in pairs.  Steel Rose Topiary
This flax was created to emulate the natural elements but last forever. Made from 1mm mild steel this is the first in a series of lifelike NZ natives.  Steel Flax
These miniature Gauntlets were created to announce the upcoming arrival of our third Child. Each child gets their own piece of Armour, these gauntlets are balanced on top of Mum and Dads' ones.  Miniature Gauntlets
This Gerbera was a custom order, 3 layers and painted with a custom message of love.   Gebera
This cooking box was a custom order, built to collapse for easy transport the bars can also move along to allow for various setup alternatives.  Cooking Box


Carnation Hearts - made for an anniversary. The Carnations are made from copper and the heart is steel.

Steel Carnations

Double rose, this is made from both copper and steel and represents two different people to the client.

Steel Copper rose

Italian Burgonet, made for SCA Combat out 2.5mm/3mm steel. A fun addition to this is the blued foxes, we were able to sandblast these gorgeous additions into blue steel to make this helmet really pop. 

Italian Burgonet
Gothic Gauntlets - these are spring steel and blued for a client. They are fully articulating. These are for combat but look great as a statue for the table as well. 
Gothic Gauntlet
This is an English Suit of Armour, made from 2mm spring and heat treated. Based around the 15th Century and traditionally blackened. This suit was made and sized for a specific customer who wore this in Heavy Combat.  English Suit of Armour
This is based on 15th Century Italian style, this suit is made from Mild Steel for light grade combat. This suit was made custom and was sized to fit perfectly.  Italian Armour
These are made from hardened Spring Steel and polished to a mirror finish. The sizing was made from a custom leg cast of the customer. Spring Steel Greaves and Sabatons
This Spartan set is made from Brass, with a horsehair crest. The helmet is 2mm and is able to handle head blow combat.  Spartan Helmet and Breastplate
These are both our personal helmets used around the world in heavy combat. These are Shovel Faced Bacinets or "Cow Catchers". Made from 3mm Corten and traditionally blackened these have protected my brain for over 10 years now. Pictured with Lydias little one for fun. Shovel Faced Bacinet