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Who we are;

All Fired Up is a family run blacksmith workshop based in rural Waikato.

Head blacksmith is Justin Stockbridge, he has been making medieval Armour for over 15 years and has made the switch to blacksmithing full time over the last 5 years.

Justin and the team make fire pokers and other fire tools, as well as our very popular steel roses and other flowers. Dubbed the metal florist these beautiful blooms will last forever.

Justin started his medieval fighting career in the early 2000s which quickly led him to armoring and then onto blacksmithing and other similar crafts.

Our goals are simple - to provide our customers with beautiful art that is sometimes practical and will last a lifetime.

Our business supports our family as well as our community.

Join me and the family as we create beautiful artworks, complicated twisting planes of articulating steel and the more mundane but insanely useful stuff like tools and forms.

All Fired Up is always looking for a new challenge. If you want it from Metal we can make it.


Justin Stockbridge at the Forge

Please contact us with your custom projects and see how we can make your dream ideas come true.

Have a specific idea in mind?

Want something customized or changed to match your look?

Interested in personal custom fire tools?

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Email - all.fire.up@gmail.com

Phone: +64 021-037-2081